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Electronic Torture:

Electronic harassment often is used to describe attacks with electronic weapons, like directed energy weapons (microwave weapons, sonic weapons), mind reading and mind control weapons. These weapons are used to manipulate, incapacitate, torture and murder, mostly to steal. Shooting, burning, cooking and mind reading and mind controlling people, including children with these weapons are crimes against humanity and horrible violations of human rights.


See also: The people cookers – cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat, http://www.electronictorture.com

A very limited list of physical effects that can be achieved using electronic weapons, many effects can be achieved suddenly, i.e. within a second, instant coughing, instant sneezing, pain, etc.:

– Scratching

– Stomach pain

– Urge to urinate

– Urge to defecate

– Diareah

– Coughing, sneezing

– Burping, farting

– Sleepiness

– Yawning

– Stomach pain

– Kidney pain

– Painful feet

– Painful legs

– Sleeping hands

– Heart attack

– Chest pressure

– Bubling stomach

– Blurred vision

– Nausea

– Fatigue

– Heating head/body

– Spleen pain

– Muscle pain

– Chest pain

– Blind gut attack

– Back pain

– Racing heart

– Runny nose

– Erection problems

– Sexual stimulation

– Toothache

– Headache

– Hearing problems

– Sudden confusion

– Sudden memory loss

Electronic weapons are also used to attack our brain:

– Read your thoughts, subvocal speech

– Make you hear voices, tinnitus symptoms

– Plant thoughts into your head you cannot distinguish from your own thoughts unless you are aware

– Dream manipulation


Electronic weapons can also be used to cause all kinds of other effects:

– Plock sounds in your home
– Destroy your light bulbs
– Destroy garden plants
– Etc.

These weapons are used for over a decade by our national secret services. Often almost random innocent people, civilians, including children, are attacked, experimented upon.

Remote torture, with weapon, or No Touch Torture: The torture targeting seems to be of global agenda, not the fault of the victim. The criminals seem to be well funded, well networked, well weaponized, possible govt. involvement. End result may be the Depopulation across the planet, or the age old crime of Race & religion supremacy. Partly the global corporations when land on different country they are infecting it (Corporate Espionage). Who might be doing it, to what extent? The govt . or the undercover cops might be doing it. If so they need to announce their legitimacy, and inform the religion institutions on what is the nation’s Dharma. Depopulation/Mass killing weapons currently exist and weather is weaponized, be it an earth quake, massive rain, drought, volcano etc. see HAARP technology

Targeting Technology

There are 5 types of technology being used in the targeting: 

The smart meters are readily controlled from a remote location, which allows the government criminals to harass an individual with plausible deniability. This is one of the first steps taken against a new Targeted Individual. The microwave signal is transmitted thru all of the household wiring.  If you are exposed to microwaves coming from all directions, the first possible solution –  is to switch off some of the circuit breakers at the breaker box, to make a safe area in your house, i.e, shut off all the breakers that go to a back bedroom. 
The first microwave attack satellites were launched under President Reagan’s Star Wars program (SDI) in 1987.  These satellites were designed to disable ICBM nuclear missiles during the ascent phase.  Tracking frequencies used are 3600 – 3750 MHz, and the attack signal is 3920 – 3935 MHz.  FCC frequency allocation tables, confirm the use of these frequencies.  These satellites and frequencies are now being used against Targeted Individuals.  The tracking signal has an accuracy better than 1 centimeter, and the GPS coordinates can be relayed to a cell tower or drone for additional targeting. These tracking signals generally come from a satellite that is almost directly overhead (NavStar satellite).  The satellites are operated and controlled from Peterson Air Force Base and Schreiver Air Force Base, near Colorado Springs, Colorado, under the Air Force Space Command.  There are hundreds of Air Force personnel that have been trained to control the satellites and “push the button” to hit a person on the ground with microwave beam pulses.  They know exactly what they are doing to people, and they know it is probably illegal.  Some of these Air Force personnel have probably tried to become whistleblowers.  Generally, it takes about 30 – 50 feet of concrete and steel (or packed earth) to shield against the satellite microwave beam.  Tall skyscrapers can provide a temporary shelter from the satellite targeting.  The technology does have its limits, which is good news for TI’s.  A faraday cage that is properly designed and properly grounded can block much of the microwaves.  There are technical groups that are attempting to design and build a faraday cage that will block all of the microwaves.

Magnetron microwave signal generators have been installed on many cell towers in urban areas. These devices can be identified as the vented enclosure boxes on a cell tower. The magnetrons become very hot while operating and can be seen on an infrared camera photograph (you can rent an infrared camera at Home Depot). Typical frequencies are 2400 MHz and 2550 MHz.

There are two primary drones in use by the military services against civilians in the United States.  The MQ-9 Reaper (and its variants) are manufactured by General Atomics in Poway, California.  This drone is operated by U.S. Air Force personnel.   The other primary drone is the RQ-7 Shadow (and its variants) manufactured by AAI Corporation, in Hunt Valley, Maryland.  This drone is primarily operated by U.S. Army personnel.  Many thousands of both drones have been ordered for the military.  The largest drone training facility is located near Fort Huachuca, Arizona.  We know these are the drones that are being used, because TI’s have identified them from numerous images, after seeing them in the air.  There is also the payload requirement – smaller drones cannot lift the 30 to 60 pounds of equipment that are needed to perform a microwave attack.  The MQ-9 Reaper is operated from many Air Force Bases in the United States.  In Houston, Texas, they are operated from a hangar at Ellington Air Force Base and used to target civilians.


Look up for    1. Directed energy weapon      2. Remote Neural Monitoring      3. Gang Stalking      4. No Touch Torture      5. Military weapons on citizens       6. New World Order      7. Race and Religion     8. Edward Snowden (NSA contractor exposes U.S wrong doings and energy assaults)     9. Bryan Tew (CIA whistle blower, Is tortured 24/7 and Bryan is not an enemy)

Stalking, electronic torture, shooting with directed energy weapons from the sky

A video and two victims reporting the horrible details. Like many other victims they can only conclude that the attacks also are coming from military aircraft.

From: Comment accompanying video:

– Microwave weaponry systems like the Active Denial System are used in tandem to deliver physical attacks designed to stress targets, torture them physically, and turn their homes into places of extreme distress. Hoping to drive the target from their home or workplaces. –

From: Electromagnetic Warfare, letter by Carolyn Williams Palit

– The pain is unbelievable. It involves tones, harmonics, hissing, stabs, blows, voice to skull transmissions, induced dreams (nightmares), burning sensations in the body and head, internal burning sensations inside of the body and head, crawling sensations on the body (phantom touch), electronic rape, induced and unwanted urination or orgasms, holographic inserts, and many other horrible tortures. My thoughts seem to be scanned every second. –

From: webpage about next victims of electronic “mind control” torture:

– (Carolyn Palit) I thought I was dying. I thought that I would spontaneously combust into flames. Either it came from a base in the hills, or Commander Solo*, or it came from the heavens. It attacked me for two years. –

From: webpage Carolyn Palit talking to Jesus Mendoza

– Some of his attacks are coming from the direction of the houses of the defendants that he has named in a law suit against these kinds of attacks. But . . . mostly . . . the attacks come from . . . “straight up.” –

More information about electronic weapons attacks, including mind control and mind reading

On the STOPEG.com website http://www.stopeg.com/ there is an CBS News video of the Active Denial System (ADS), a microwave laser weapon. Although the DoD wants us to believe this is a safe weapon (that is why they showed it to us), experts agree it is not! This video shows a big installation, but there are many kinds of laser weapons. Some are very big and mounted in trucks, ships, aircraft, or even in satellites. But there are also much smaller, portable versions, that can be very effective.

Of course military and secret services have equipment based on the most advanced technology available. Their equipment is not available to the public. But now advanced commercial devices are being shown on the internet giving an idea of how easy it must be for the attackers to cook, burn (torture) a person. One is a portable (hand-held) laser, the S3 Spyder III Arctic laser. Although it may appear not very sophisticated, imagine someone pointing this at your back when you are in a restaurant or at the movies. To look at people through wall take a look at the XAVER 400 Compact, Tactical Through-Wall Imaging System.

Many targets wonder how they can be attacked so easily when they move to a different location, e.g. a family member, friend, or go to a hotel. The attackers stuff their portable laser weapons and through-wall imaging devices into their suitcases, book rooms close to yours, and often will attack you from two different angles to confuse you. In case you prevent them to attack the body area the want to attack, e.g. by putting your back against an outside wall of the hotel, they call in military aircraft that will blast you with very high power microwave (HPM) bursts, cooking your inside. (this happened several times to me, last time on July 6, 2011, while staying in a hotel in Westkapelle, Netherlands, the aircraft arriving around 1 am about 15 minutes after they concluded they could not perform the attacks on my back).

Many people have a problem thinking that others can read their mind, their thoughts. Again, the advanced technology used by military and secret services is not available to the public, but today more and more commercial devices are becoming available. One company delivering a mind reading headset is Emotive, for USD 299,-. With this device you can control your games, your tv set, etc. with you mind! They also have an API (programming interface) to create your own mind reading application.

I cannot emphasize enough that not all but many attacks are from the sky. When driving your car they may burn your back (from the sky or from some equipment in your own car) when another car is driving behind you and make it go away when the car goes away. If they do this every time then you probably will think it has to do with the car behind you. When driving your car, walking outside, riding your bike, they may burn your head and make many people you look at scratch their head. Sometimes people are part of the sick network but many others may just have been beamed the same way you are, having no clue about what is going on (your attackers want you to attack other people, they don’t care about anything because they are psychopaths, murderers. child abusers).

Another warning is for a much more confusing type of attack: electronic mind control. In this case your attackers will plant thoughts into the brain of people surrounding you. Of course these thoughts relate to your life in one way or the other. They may even plant your (!) thoughts into the heads of people surrounding you. If you do not know about this then you may start to think that these people can read your mind, which can be very depressing. I wrote several article about electronic mind control, if you are a target and do not know about this capabilities you may want to read this.

Links, portable laser weapon, portable through-wall vision, mind reading headset, voice-to-skull:

The S3 Spyder III Arctic
XAVER 400 Compact, Tactical Through-Wall Imaging System
A do-it-yourself blue laser from DVD reader
Emotive, mind reading headset and API
he SwiMP3 waterproof MP3 player, underwater sound without ear buds, using bone conduction.

Hearing Voices

If you are hearing voices you may be a mental case but it is also possible that you are a target of (highly illegal) mind control activities by some sick bastards. In your country secret services including military are developing weapons that make you hear voices and covertly testing these weapons on random human beings or groups of people. Some terms used to describe this phenomenon:

Microwave hearing
Silent sound
Perhaps the most easy (and cheap) way to attack a person this way is by the Audio Spotlight. This device makes you hear words etc. spoken by a someone, but the persons around you do ot hear this. Check the links below for more information:
Microwave auditory effect (Wikipedia)
Hearing Microwaves: The Microwave Auditory Phenomenon by James C. Lin
Microwave hearing by Mark Rich
Sound from ultrasound (Wikipedia)
Audio Spotlight (Holosonics company website)
Hearing voices = voice to skull (Cliff Huylebroeck website)
Youtube video on AudioSpotlight, Subvocal Speech and Microwave hearing (one of the many video on this subject)
SWIMP3, underwater MP3 player without earplugs

Electronic harassment and electronic torture list – February 26, 2009 – Updated December 24, 2009

[Published: February 26, 2009. Updated: February 28, 2009, April 11, 2009, June 10, 2009, June 13, 2009, June 25, 2009, September 6, 2009, December 24, 2009]

Almost anybody can become a (temporary) target of these horrible electronic weapons. Please read what can be done so you are prepared. This is not science fiction but happening right now in our ‘democratic’ society.

Below is a list of all possible attacks by electronic weapons that I know of by experience. I know more attacks exists. Female targets write about sexual attacks, others mention continuous ringing in the ears, etc. I may add these later. I decided to keep this list personal, i.e. in this blog I write down only what has/is being done to me, not what is being done to others.

Electronic weapons

These attacks are done by the following kind of electronic weapons:

Directed Energy Weapons (laser weapons), like ELF (very low frequency), ultrasonic, lasers, (high power) microwave weapons
Through-wall vision
(Sub-vocal) Mind-reading
Microwave hearing/Silent Sound (letting you hear sounds/things in other ways then hearing by the ear)
For another introduction you may want to read:

The people cookers – Cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat.
or, read the summary of my previous blogs:

Secret service: fear for the truth to be revealed!(24) – Gang stalkers and people cookers are murderers, the crimes they commit belong to the worst crimes in history – part 2
A list including all horrible details

On the internet already a lot of symptoms and attacks by these weapons can be found. Most of these lists do not detail these attacks and that is exactly what I am trying to do here. In my opinion it is not enough to read that such a weapon gives you a burning feeling, instead the horrible details must be exposed!

Description of a (continuous) high intensity microwave weapon attack:
This weapon makes your skin really burn like a very heavy sunburn and cooks your inside, you really feel being cooked alive, you are heated like meat in a microwave oven, with intensities that exceed those of a microwave oven. Gal is coming out of your throat and fluids inside your body evaporate making you instantly burp. In case of high intensity there is also a burning sensation on the other side of the body, where the beam, of approx. 10-30 cm diameter leaves the body. If they cook you long enough cooked body cells explode inside you, when aimed at your upper body, lung cells explode/ are destroyed and reducing lung capacity immediately noticed when walking stairs or running. The burning sensation and the cooked-inside feeling will go away after 5-30 minutes or 1-2 days depending on the duration and intensity, it may take a day or more to recover from high power microwave bursts with durations of 5-60 seconds (but can you recover from these amounts of irradiation?). A cup of milk is heated and starts evaporating after 5-10 seconds. The electronic weapons aimed at you can make you burp or fart within 1-3 seconds, hence the intensity of electromagnetic irradiation is not only used to torture a person but murder as well.

Covert and intended-to-notice (or noticed) electronic harassment/torture

Electronic harassment is called covert if the target does not know about these weapons and methods. If you do not know about these weapons you may think you have all the bad luck in the world, you will wonder what strange things are happening to you, to your body, and accept you do not control your life anymore.

If intended-to-notice (or noticed), electronic harassment is torture in its most horrible form. What would you do if your body is made to react every time to events occurring in your life, e.g. by making you burp or fart, your legs are cooked every night, your ankle is cooked during daytime when working behind your computer, your knee is beamed to cause maximum pain, etc.

Some examples

To delay you:

They make you go the toilet to urinate when you want to leave your house
They cook your legs before running
They burn and cook your body high power to prevent you doing you work
Note that this delaying is often done together with gang stalking methods like cars blocking your road, phone calls when you are to leave your home, etc.

To make things worst:

They make you sneeze extra times when you have a cold
They cook your throat become sore when you have a cold
They attack your eyes until red with blood
The cook your legs after running
They cook or burn where you have pain already
To torture you:

They cook and burn your body everywhere
They cook your family, your children, friends, …
Note that this torture is often done together with gang stalking methods like synchronizing saw machines, honking horns of cars, screaming birds (pigeons, crows), etc.

The maximum pain business, beyond imagination horror and cruelty without evidence

Special methods have been developed to make you think you have a heart problem, erection problem, toothache, etc. For the ones exposing these horrendous crimes they developed methods to inflict maximum pain, e.g. by cooking such a person alive with a high power microwave weapon, or burning the skin of the target or making the target burp or fart every few minutes to events occurring in the life of the target (including e.g. opening a website on a computer, saving a file, cars passing by the window, etc. ). Some authors refer to the development and use of these weapons as the pain business. I would like to make a correction, please call it the maximum pain business.

After accepting that there are really such sick and disgusting creatures actually developing and applying these methods and torture, you also have to accept that it is not about just pressing a button, but also about the way how this torture is applied. Zapping your eyes red to make you look bad, cooking biceps to prevent you from swimming, cooking your throat to prevent you from singing, inducing heart problems and toothaches to prevent you working or sports. More horror, these methods and procedures could not have been highly developed without being tested on humans, on real persons. And again more horror, these methods are often used with gang stalking (organized stalking) methods. Like they cook your ankle with insane intensities making your foot very painful, and when you go outside all kinds of people with leg problems are crossing your path, people limping, in a wheelchair, sometimes even someone without a leg. Or, they start sawing wood somewhere and when the saw enters the wood cook your body with high intensity microwave.
This torture is applied 24/7, not once every hour but more like once every minute/every 5 minutes. Horrible torture that can be called torturing a person to death.

Special case: the heart attack

Damaging your body can be done in several ways. One vital organ is the heart. They can attack the heart very effective with:

Microwave weapons, cooking the heart area slowly
High Power Microwave (HPM) weapons, cooking the heart area in a second
Ultrasonic weapons, pressurizing the heart area
Heart frequency manipulation weapons
These weapons can damage your heart in a split second, you may not survive such a attack, but can also be used to slowly damage your heart. Slowly cook your heart area so will get a strange feeling and in fact your heart is really damaged. Then there is also the frequency manipulation attack, your heart may feel pulsing, blobbing like crazy.

Cook heart area from the front, often together with a cook beam from left behind. Slow damage, horrible feeling
Flash your heart with very high power microwave. Instant damage.
Pressurize your chest, even takes your breath away if applied with enough power
Pulsate your body/heart area with low frequencies
These effects will give you a very realistic heart attack or heart problem feeling feeling. Your heart may start pounding very loud, may feel very painful, the heart area may feel strange, cooked. If applied with enough power, this really damages your heart and heart area. Your heart is cooked like meat in a microwave oven.

Can you recover from these attacks? In general they will not murder you or leave evidence, your heart may feel very painful for several days after they stop their attacks. It can take weeks until all pain in the area has disappeared. I am not sure about permanent damage caused by these attacks.

Can you die from such an attack? Yes, if the intensity of the beam is high enough your heart can be damaged or temporarily disturbed in such a way that you will die.

How can you recognize a ‘normal’ heart problem from a ‘induced’ heart problem? You yourself are the best judge of what you feel. If you believe something really is wrong with your heart then visit a doctor. If you are certain your heart is attacked then avoid visiting a doctor as this will confirm a heart problem in case you collapse or die, case closed.

If your heart is under attack you may receive strange emails like the one below:


Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook – Chapter 2


Well I’m still alive at this moment, but I think they are trying to give me a heart attack. Anyone with a radio can use this method and cause damage to any organ specifically. The FCC has really fallen down on the job. Basically any mob can do this to you. And I do believe the FBI and CIA and NSA are mobs. They take out contracts and are evil and stupid.

The woman who now heads our safety department said we could not bring spectrum analyzers to work. I do not think anyone but me would have understood what that is. What this means is that we are not allowed to protect ourselves, as if these evil doughy people should be our judge jury and executioner.



No one is free if one is not free.


Impossible to protect yourself

The human body appears to be extremely vulnerable to electromagnetic irradiation of all kind of frequencies. The human body also is a electromagnetic transmitter and sensitive (radio) equipment can pick up and decode the signals that are generated e.g. when speaking, thinking. In contrast to a knife or a bullet, electromagnetic signals are not blocked by walls, compare your cell phone. Limited protection is possible using sheet metal, metal plates, water, vacuum, but if you really are a target the attackers increase intensities (if necessary to insane levels), change frequency, attack from different angles etc. Also remember that these weapons can hit a person without hitting the person sitting next to this person. They can be aimed and the diameter of the beam can be made small enough to hit only the target.

Anybody can be a target

Electronic weapons make it very easy to eliminate persons, to get persons (temporarily) out of the way, to murder persons, etc. all without evidence, and most of the time even the target does not know he is zapped, cooked, burned with electronic weapons. The ones owning and controlling this technology now can get everything they want in a very easy way. They can get their football player into the national team by temporarily cut out the competitor for the same position in the team. This could be done with other means as well but it is very easy with electronic weapons. Just cook a person’s ankle and foot during the night and the damage is done. To influence a tennis match you could cook a player by heating the body with microwaves (compare microwave oven). He will just feel overheated and sick and loose the game.
These are just two examples to demonstrate what can be done. You can imagine almost anybody can become a target. Some people because they are more visible then others, because they have something the sick network wants, because they know something the sick network does not want to be exposed, because they are too intelligent for the sick network, ust for personal reasons because may be they made a remark about someone, etc.

Electronic weapons can kill a person

Besides using electronic weapons to monitor, drive into suicide, cause temporary injuries, they can also be used to kill a person. Killing is possible by sending wrong signals to the heart making it pulse in abnormal ways, or by increasing intensity and cooking the heart area, damaging the heart slowly. Very high power laser weapons or HPM (= High Power Microwave) weapons can damage your heart in a second.
Although little is known at this time about the effects of long term irradiation, it is not difficult to imagine that this will cause all kinds of diseases as electromagnetic irradiation destroys your DNA (cell with damaged DNA are called cancer). Again all these horrible things can be done, and are done today, without evidence.

How do you know you are a target of electronic harassment?

It is often very difficult to distinghuish between normal body behaviour and induced body behaviour if there no signs of burning or cooking. E.g. would you know the difference between normal diareah and induced diareah? Yes, you are able to decide what is not normal by comparing your diareah with previous experiences. It may start and disappear very sudden, may cause other effects like water bubbles leaving your anus, etc. Also, the diareah may be linked to a certain event, like picking up your child, appearance in court, etc.
Always ask yourself what it is you are feeling, did you feel this before? Does it go away when you turn your body 180 degrees? Does it go away when you walk in the streets or drive your car? You are the best judge of what you are feeling.

Your car may be tagged

When you are a target you will experience harassment everywhere every time. If you have a car they will tag your car (these are words I learned from a ’so-called target’). This means they will equip your car with electronic weapons not only to monitor you but also to cook and/or burn your body while driving.

They may also harass the target covert and use the following beams:

Sleep beam, to make the driver very sleepy
Eye beam, slowly cooking they eyes, so tears come out and visibility reduces
Just to confirm, all this is done to cause the (mental or physical) death of the target.

Harassment from (neighbor) houses, cars, handbags, airplanes, satellites

Most of the electronic harassment comes from close neighbor houses. When you walk in the the streets you are probably attacked by electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) from houses (they may be remote controlled or controlled by operator at these locations. If there are no locations for their equipment, they use these weapons from their cars. You may also be hit from airplanes. This is not difficult to believe if you accept a reach several hundreds of meters. Some targets write about satellites being the source of their electronic harassment. In general I do not believe this is true.

Example of current state-of-technology:
You can be hit by very accurate equipment. E.g. when you are running on the streets or in the woods you may be ’shot’ with a very high power microwave weapon in your calf from an airplane. The intensity can be such that this causes instant injury. Your calf is cooked within a split second and your muscles almost instantly tear apart. Making running/walking almost impossible.

Electronic harassment can also be done from small devices carried in e.g. shopping bags in shops or on the street. You need only a small battery to give the target a single burst that makes him burp or fart. This is enough to depress the target: nowhere safe from this horrible harassment.

Satellites probably play a big role in exchanging information about a target, e.g. you can have a subvocal speech decoding PC in the house next to target, but it is more easy (and safe) to transfer the undecoded information to a central computer system, and return the decoded words. But it may be done on site, PC’s have enough power today to do this decoding themselves.

You may be attacked by persons (family, friends, co-workers) who are covertly attacked by electronic harassment

The aim of the attackers is to drive the target insane. To speed up things they aim their electronic weapons covertly at family, friends, co-workers, etc. to make them react in several ways to what the target is doing or saying.
Some (easy) methods used to covertly attack other persons:

Scratch beam, to make a person scratch his head
Sneeze beam, to make a person sneeze
Cough beam, to make a person cough
Urge to urinate beam, to make a person go to the toilet

They beam persons around the target on the head so everywhere around the target people are scratching their heads
They beam the target’s head very hard and then beam the head of a friend so that this friend will start scratching his head immediately very visible for the target to see
When the target and partner are in the same, then every time the target opens a website on his PC (not visible for the partner), they beam the throat of the partner causing the partner to cough almost immediately
When the target is beamed in the stomach during work, they make a co-worker sneeze at the same time
When the target is beamed in the stomach, they beam her child in the stomach as well, making the child cry and saying it has stomach pain (this is confirmed by multiple victims)
Once again illegal and (beyond imagination) horrible crimes by our national secret services.

Elite and secret services control our politicians

It is not amazing that these weapons exist, I studied computer science myself, if you have enough money it is not that special. It is also not amazing that there are actually sick and disgusting creatures walking around free applying this kind of electronic harassment to cause the physical or mental death of a person.
What is amazing is that a lot of high ranked politicians and other influential persons are fully aware of the existence and use of these weapons but do not speak out. What does this say about these persons? I believe you can say that the idea we live in a democracy has disappeared completely.

Elite and secret services are trapped by their crimes in vicious circle of more violence against the people of the world

The ones facilitating, outsourcing and performing this cruel electronic harassment and torture is not just a group of people, these attacks are very well designed and applied by people trained to cause maximum pain but leave no evidence. The ones I am referring to are our secret services, including military. They are tightening their grip on society, not because they have to protect us against the terrorists in the world, but because they are getting more and more afraid what will happen when the truth about them is exposed. They are trapped in some sort of vicious circle. To maintain themselves they must commit more and more horrible crimes. And to avoid their crimes are exposed they have to perform new horrible crimes, etc. etc.

So here we have the elite, creating wars to maintain themselves, and their armies, the secret services both trapped in their own lies and deceit. And the horror for us, the people of the world is that we will be taken from (created) threat to (created) war because that is the only way out for the (criminal) elite and (criminal) secret services. (Courtesy Of (Electronictorture.com)