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This list shows 33 Medical Doctors, PhD Scientists, and former government agents that agree with our claim, that the U.S. government is using an illegal program of microwave targeting against civilians.  We encourage and support all Whistleblowers to come forward with their information.  Some of us are proud Whistleblowers and Political Activists, and would gladly do it again,

(Dr John Hall, M.D. and author   Dr Katherine Horton, PhD Oxford Univ. Scientist   Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD Professor   Dr Harold Mandel, M.D.   Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D.  Dr Max Williams, PhD, Professor & State Dept   Dr Barrie Trower, PhD government Scientist    Dr Michael Hoffer, M.D., Univ of Miami    ​​Dr Colin Ross, M.D.    ​Dr Ed Spencer, M.D.   Dr Sue Arrigo, M.D.    Dr Douglas Smith, M.D., Univ of Penn.    Dr Terry Robertson, M.D.    Dr Robert Duncan, PhD former CIA engineer    Dr Doug Rokke, PhD government Scientist  Dr Eric Karlstrom, PhD Professor    Dr Nick Begich, Scientist    Dr Paul Batcho, PhD government scientist     Dr Paul Marko, PhD Psychologist    Dr Robert Steele, former CIA analyst  Dr Ben Colodzin, PhD Psychologist   ​Dr Curtis Bennett, Professor    Dr Corkin Cherubini, author    Dr Matthew Aaron, Scientist    Dr Sean Andrews, Scientist  Willam Binney, NSA Whistleblower   Kirk Weibe, NSA Whistleblower    ​Karen Stewart, NSA Whistleblower    ​Carl Clark, CIA Whistleblower    ​Kevin Shipp, CIA Whistleblower   Mark Phillips, CIA Whistleblower    John DeCamp, Army intelligence Whistleblower)

No national level look out on over all general population, not even 1% as the sole focus is their practice and properties.  THough Epidemics department covers a bit, its reach is only at the name.  No external project managers are injected to see from fresh angle.  Even the new graduates do not even have new beat, barely are meeting what seniors, retired are hoping for.  Their education is so outdated, what they know and are allowed to practice is so trivial.  Hardly any one understands this, and/or unable to show their backbone to shoulder it.  Because of the fear of losing their practice license.  It would be an honor if any medical professional reaches out to our organization, that would be a start.

Commissioners run through the door as we approach, the entrance guard does tha gang stalking and covert game

 So inadequate, under-educated and is Daridra to take up any challenge.  In the calling numbers they are stating that they do protection for all people and are willing to do what it takes.  Such a lie that is.

Using (Interact with Prime Minister of India – https://www.pmindia.gov.in/en/interact-with-honble-pm/) site we have lodged complaints numerous times.  The secretary or the receiving clerk keeps closing the complaints.  Numerous calls to the attending clerk does not get picked up, like calling 30 some times.

The very name “HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION” is misleading.  The default understanding one gets is that the department covers ANY humanity violation.  When asked the officer showed what all tortures they  DO NOT COVER, thus there is no agency that covers part of humanity violations.  Neither they partake help making new laws towards new found humanity crimes or violations.  They are not enthusiastic about what humanity they are helping out.  The officers and clerks, both seem to be just pushing the files.   Hence there is no other department that handles the remote tortures, syndicated crimes, national conspiracy crimes either.

Future on torture is very unsafe.  Bharath is submerged doing his/her own immediate things without the sense on national goal and objectives.  In the past it is very clear how other nationals took over the country, even then they do not enrich their own kind.  They are eager to please foreign body, readily betray own kind, do not come together as much as needed.  So the target tortured community is not getting the needed attention, understanding, facilities, support of govt. entities.  

Police dept:  Infact the Police department that is designed to intervene is ditching the complaints and are recklessly insulting the victims.  They have been doing it for past few decades.  But surprisingly their voice message states that they are proudly safe guarding all citizens, women, cities.

Human Rights Dept:  When the complaint is lodged or gets transited from PMO office, they simply state that they just pass it on to police.  They do not cover syndicated or group crimes, or where the group works covertly.  Yet their name is “Human Rights Commission” misleading the citizen that this organization stands by them in ALL of the Human rights violation 

Write to Prime minister (PMO office):   The department is engaged in closing the targeted individuals complaints.  The secretary or the P.A simply hangs up the phone for just about 30 times.  Whichever case is taken is in turn sent to state level Janaspandana, which then sends to the Police who already have rejected and insulted the torture subjected individual and the circle continues for years.

Candidates are suffering in many of the Caucasian predominant countries as they have gone as immigrants there to work.  Their life is confined and manipulated.  The local groups, along with their home associations, apartment management, govt. entities like police, etc. take advantage of and build their businesses to extract earned money.  Recently the targeting is expressed as to enforce to take dental insurance or the similar.  Candidates neither assume solid citizenship in Bharath nor they grow at national authority level.  It is like living second hand citizen, in their own small world, often they do not even know how they are confined.  Many diseases are induced through energy weapons, many turning point decisions are infiltered through gang-stalking, gas-lighting, even causing auto-accidents, manipulation at hospitals, house pricing while transactoning, delaying the home sell etc.

Eyes closed cat drinking milk from the pan thinking nobody else is drinking, nobody is poisoning that milk, hushing any whistle blower.  It sounds like there will be religion groups, minority groups, foreign infiltration will caoss Bharath soon at this pace.  Foreign ruling or our own govt. torture subjecting our own citizens will continue at alarming phase and catastrophic disaster as to contain the population by demonizing the population.  Our population is not at Unhealthy count, just the border immigrants have weakened the general being of the country. 

July 31, 2020: International day against Electromagnetic harassment: “https://youtu.be/DQogn0kuyC8”. 2.Aug 29, 2020: Targeted Individual day ” https://youtu.be/-56xHMUf2rI”

July 2, 2021: Havana syndrome Cry-out. “https://youtu.be/RB6klng4WBg”

July 31, 2021: International day against Electromagnetic harassment. ”https://youtu.be/gCd6zI2VZSc” 3.Aug 29, 2021: Targeted Individual day. “https://youtu.be/tOXFjCxWFec”, “https://youtu.be/j8quNGGAuIQ”