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Mind/Brain control hijacking

Here the brains pattern of the victim is hijacked like a computer memory chip, any of its actions can be fast forwarded, stopped, or slowed down so that the organs fail to work normally. One way of hijacking is using the victims thought process wave, other way is using a chip in the left navel cavity that is remotely placed in the victim. Which then is read through the corners of the eyebrows by the nose. A person can be put to sleep using a swipe on a cell phone and brought to conscious with the next swipe. While in that sleep mode, bring down to only thought process where unresolved active thinking is going on. That focus of that person is read that way clearly and hurdled externally so that the person does not succeed in real life. The hijack while laying on the bed in the night can be taken away for 5 hours at a time while intolerable radiations,other remotely invasive activities are carried out on that (soulless) body. Once the conscious is back only the victim knows what may have happened to his organs.

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